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Post Offer and Return-to-Work Physicals.

Please note:

We will be making upgrades to our Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT’s) and Respiratory Certification services from Monday, May 15th through Thursday, June 14th. Please note during this time we will not be offering these services at our centers. Beginning June 15th, Breath Alcohol Testing and Respiratory Certification will be offered at the following centers only: Glastonbury, Hamden, Newtown, Norwalk, Norwich and Ridgefield. Should you have any questions with regard to this adjustment please contact Barb Coles at 203-826-8803.

The way we see it, the best way to maintain a healthy workplace is to keep your workforce healthy. PhysicianOne Urgent Care can help you make sure your business stays happy, productive—and yes, healthy—every step of the way.

Post Offer physicals

All PhysicianOne Urgent Care centers are capable of performing physicals to evaluate your new employee's health and fitness level—and, of course, to make sure your employee is able to physically and mentally perform their job duties.

Physicals can also help identify unforeseen medical conditions that might be triggered by your workplace environment, and help mitigate the likelihood of potential future injuries.

Other employer services include:

Please note: All employer based services are offered in all our CT locations. For more information on post offer or return to work physicals, please contact Barb Coles at

Interested in knowing more about our employer programs? Fill out the form below or call Barb at 203-826-8803.

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